The Asian continent is the largest, with an area equal to one third of the total land surface.

Asia is the only continent to be washed by three oceans and can be divided into 5 regions: Central Asia, Eastern Asia, South Asia, Western Asia and Southeast Asia.

The Asian economy encompasses the activity of 4.2 billion people, equal to 60% of the world population.

China, the second largest economy on the planet, is the primary engine of the Asian economy.

Given the extension and stratification of the Asian region, it is difficult to talk about the Asian economy without going into detail about the different regions, which show very different economies.

In terms of gross domestic product, the ranking of the Asian regions is structured as follows

South Korea

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China, 4 shares to buy now

9 April 2024 - 15:00

China, 4 shares to buy now

Deutsche Bank analysts initiated coverage of the Chinese auto sector with five stocks recommended as “buy.”