Financial crisis

The financial crisis occurs when a precise characteristic occurs: the request for capital is greater than what the bank can provide. In economic history, financial crises are cyclical and in these moments the consequences are not only on the markets, but on economic maneuvers in the round.

There have been many economists who over time have tried to understand what are the causes that lead to a crisis and if there is a way to block it before it occurs.
However, the financial crises take on different structures from time to time, thus making them impossible to predict.

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These 3 (European) Countries risk a Currency Crisis Newsroom

22 Novembre 2022 - 12:59

These 3 (European) Countries risk a Currency Crisis

Is the currency crisis about to explode in Europe? Outside the euro, at least 3 nations are at risk of currency collapse, joining other countries around the world that are already on the verge of collapse.