The globalization process involves multiple aspects, with the aim of breaking down barriers and creating a uniform and more similar way of operating for everyone. This phenomenon brings with it both positive and negative aspects.
The first negative consequence of globalization is undoubtedly the loss of local identity.

In fact, with the process of globalization we are witnessing a loss of local autonomy and the loss of national sovereignty, in favor of a higher goal. In fact, an attempt is being made to achieve a similar way of life in all countries and to achieve free exchange of people and goods.

The positive consequences of globalization are in fact the increase in information, the contraction of space-time distances and the possibility of growth even for the most marginal areas.
In fact, through this process it is thought that there are no barriers and that goods can be bought and sold in all countries of the world.

We can say that the process of globalization began in the 20th century, according to the model we still see today, and then expanded into the 21st. Modern systems of technology in fact manage not to perceive the distances that exist and to unite even the most distant places on the planet.
The advent of the Internet has therefore given a boost to the process, leading it to increase its speed and extent.

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