Deion Sanders’ net worth: salary and earnings of the NFL (and MLB) star

Lorenzo Bagnato

27 November 2023 - 19:00

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Daniel Sanders amassed a pretty considerable net worth as a professional footballer and Baseball player.

Deion Sanders' net worth: salary and earnings of the NFL (and MLB) star

How much did Deion Sanders earn during his career? One would think that being a professional in two separate sports would be twice as lucrative, and indeed Prime Time (one of Sander’s many nicknames) amassed quite a considerable net worth over the years. However, it still pales in comparison to the salaries of European football players, though it doesn’t stop Sanders from having a rather opulent lifestyle.

Deion Sanders has played at the highest levels of the NFL, the National Football League; and the MLB, the Major League Baseball. In his prime during the 1990s, Sanders worked overnight to excel in both sports, chartering private jets to show up at every mandatory event.

If he wanted to, Sanders could have built a handsome career in Baseball. He played in the MLB between 1988 and 2001, earning a total of 13.2 million dollars from various contracts.

Eventually, however, Sanders was forced to choose. He had always preferred football but never committed fully to it. Sanders was famously quoted saying: “Football is my wife, Baseball is my mistress”.

In 2001, his NFL team forced Sanders to skip mandatory MLB activities, where Sanders was relegated to a secondary league anyway. From that season on, Deion Sanders focused fully on football.

Deion Sanders coaching career and net worth

At the time, however, Sanders was already 33 years old and, although he was receiving larger and larger contracts, his career had already passed the halfway point.

That didn’t stop Prime Time from winning 2 Superbowls with two different teams (a very rare occurrence for a Football player) and earning millions of dollars on the way.

The largest contract Prime Time signed was with the Cowboys: a massive 56-million-dollar deal for seven years. Sanders, however, would serve only part of the contract before dropping out.

Overall, Prime Time earned 33 million dollars during his NFL career, a considerable amount but a tenth of what the likes of Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo earn.

After Sanders retired from professional sports, he started a career as a Football coach. There too he earned some pretty serious paychecks, as much as 29.6 million dollars for a five-year contract with the Colorado Buffaloes.

Overall, Deion Sanders’s net worth is estimated at 45 million dollars, a figure he most definitely lives up to. He owns several multi-million dollar estates around the United States and is an avid collector of luxury cars.

At the moment, Deion Sanders still coaches the Colorado Buffaloes. The team’s recent successes in the recently started season prove that Prime Time still has some fight in him, and his days are far from over.


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