GTA6: when is it released, and on which consoles?

5 December 2023 - 11:00

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The release date of GTA6 is approaching, but before the fateful day, general attention is focused on the trailer. Here’s what we know about the new chapter of the Grand Theft Auto saga.

GTA6: when is it released, and on which consoles?

The official trailer for GTA6 is finally out. It was released on Monday, almost unexpectedly, and it shows some of the most revolutionary aspects of Rockstar’s new game.

Fans and gaming critics have been waiting for it for a decade. On paper, GTA6 is a game capable of making a difference, creating a before and an after. Rockstar can transform a title into an unmissable and unforgettable masterpiece like the entire Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption sagas. The expectations are understandably high.

Highly anticipated and very expensive for developers and the public, GTA6 is ready (even with fear from the competition) to catalyze the attention of the gaming world. GTA6’s release date should be in spring 2025, at least according to the trailer.

Other than that, let’s see what else we know about the new Rockstar masterpiece.

The trailer of GTA6 is finally out

Although the trailer was supposed to be released on Tuesday, December 5th, Rockstar surprised everybody by releasing it on YouTube the day before.

The trailer, after a decade of waiting, is actually "just" a teaser. It is too early to see a trailer complete with gameplay and unique features of the game. In one minute and a half, the teaser presents the main characters, the (gorgeous) graphics and locations, and the general vibe of the future fame. Like many expected, it’s nothing more than a very cool cinematic sequence.

When will GTA6 be released?

Rockstar’s YouTube channel is taken by storm by fans. At the moment the GTA6 teaser trailer seems to be the most awaited in history, with almost 50 million views in just the first few hours.

The excitement and anticipation for the trailer foreshadow what could happen for the release of the game itself. The precise date is not yet known, although it was hinted at in the teaser: 2025. According to rumors, the release of the game could more precisely be in spring 2025.

What could GTA6 be like?

Video game experts have already begun to thoroughly analyze the teaser. The anticipation is clearly sky-high.

One speculation leads to another, but perhaps the most popular one remains the one about the location. Attentive fans had noticed that, during Rockstar’s announcement, they were trying to send a message with the palm trees and sunset in the background. It could have meant, according to these rumors, that the setting of GTA 6 will be Vice City.

Lo and behold, the trailer confirmed this rumor, with a huge frame depicting "VICE" on screen.

Other voices, at least those that find more weight in the gaming world, have GTA6:

  • with a map 40 times larger than that of GTA5
  • approximately 100 hours of gameplay (main plot) for 140 missions
  • with a weight of at least 226 GB

On which consoles will GTA6 be released and how much will it cost?

GTA6 could be the first game to surpass the current “A” rating. A video game - produced and distributed by a large publisher, with a significant budget, is classified as triple A (AAA). In some cases, the "quadruple A" classification has been used, also for marketing purposes. At the moment, however, only GTA6 could truly embody this definition.

This is because triple or quadruple A no longer only represents the economic and technical commitment made by the large video game houses, but also the final quality of the product, which represents almost perfection.

This classification and the possibility that GTA6 sets the standard for a quadruple A suggests a high cost. According to some rumors, Rockstar’s latest effort could cost over $100. For fans of the saga, such a price, considering the experience that the product is capable of leaving, is neither too high nor considered absurd.

In any case, it’s almost certain that GTA6 will be released for every gaming console on the market, going for the widest possible reach. It will also likely be compatible with some old-generation consoles, although it has not been confirmed by Rockstar yet.

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