Say goodbye to smartphones, dumbphones are the new frontier of technology

13 June 2024 - 13:00

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Saying goodbye to smartphones is becoming a movement. Those who want to go back to enjoying life outside of social media choose a boring or stupid phone, namely a dumbphone.

Say goodbye to smartphones, dumbphones are the new frontier of technology

The typical phones of the late 90s and early 2000s are back in fashion, but also out of necessity. These are the dumbphone and those who use them have decided to say goodbye to smartphones to have a non-invasive and healthy communication experience.

Are dumbphones the new frontier of technology? It’s too early to say, after all, they are devices that offer few (or rather "essential") functions such as calls, SMS, and little else. Technology seems to travel the opposite of minimalism, but if the dumbphone market were to explode, the approach to technology could change.

Meanwhile, sales of phones with a nostalgic look are increasing and fashion has already appropriated their image. An example is the collaboration between HMD Global and Heineken for the “Boring Phone”, presented during the Milan Design Week . This is a slip phone that does nothing except call and text and that’s its pride.

What is a “dumbphone”?

A dumbphone, or from the English translation "dumb phone", is a mobile device that offers only essential features such as making calls, sending SMS, and, in some cases, consulting maps. Unlike smartphones, which are full of applications and connect to the internet, dumbphones do not have access to social media, emails, or other digital distractions. The point is precisely this: saying goodbye to the complexity and pervasiveness of new devices.

Dumbphones are designed to be simple and lack the features that make smartphones so beloved, yet pervasive. The risk, especially for young people, is excessive use, which leads to a decline in productivity and greater distraction from reality. The growing popularity of dumbphones indeed marks a return to minimalist technology, which focuses on the essentials and reduces dependence on digital distractions.

Why are dumbphones coming back into fashion? The need to say goodbye to smartphones

The return of the dumbphone is due to several reasons. The main one is the concern about digital addiction. Studies, such as that of Harvard University, have shown that use of social media activates the same areas of the brain involved in substance addiction. This awareness has led many, especially young people, to look for alternatives to reduce the time spent on their devices.

Several studies over time have linked the use of social media to negative effects on mental health, especially among children and adolescents. According to research by Ofcom, around a quarter of children aged between five and seven in the UK own their own smartphone. A fact that has raised concerns among mental health experts and pushed some to opt for dumbphone as a way to protect the little ones.

However, the adoption of dumbphones is not limited to young people, many adults are also embracing these devices to improve the quality of their time. It’s no coincidence that dumbphone sales are increasing, especially in North America.

There is no shortage of hybrid solutions for those who still find it difficult to completely give up smartphones. Devices like Unpluq allow you to wirelessly block certain apps, such as social media, offering a compromise between the benefits of connectivity and the need to limit distractions.

The nostalgic aspect of the dumbphone, reminiscent of phones from the 90s, plays an important role in their comeback.

Original article published on Italy 2024-06-11 20:22:16. Original title: Addio smartphone, i dumbphone sono la nuova frontiera della tecnologia


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