Electronic commerce (e-commerce) in technological jargon is the set of transactions for the marketing of goods and services by producer and consumer through the Internet. What we call online shopping.

These transactions can be business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business, so much so that e-commerce and e-business are often interchangeable terms.

Before the advent of Ebay and Amazon, whose growth revolutionized the e-commerce industry, companies used EDI (electronic data interchange) to share corporate electronic documents with other companies.

Over time, e-commerce has become increasingly popular, and today it is possible to buy the most disparate items online but also to book trips, hotels, restaurants, etc.

The advantages of e-commerce are the 24-hour availability, the wide availability of goods and services, easy accessibility internationally and shipping directly to your home.

E-commerce sites have many features, such as shopping carts, newsletters, coupons, and exchange and refund services.

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