The finance constitutes that discipline of economic sciences which studies instruments, choices, actions and financing and investment processes with which an economic subject (entrepreneur, company, banks , public bodies) obtains the means for its own financing.

Of the facts and deeds of investment and financing, finance aims to study the technical area in depth by analyzing pricing (price), hedging (risk coverage) and valuations.

The term derives from the Latin "finantia" ("final receipt", "amicable conclusion of a dispute"), but the word can also be traced back to "finare" which meant "to conclude, to terminate to make receipt and oblige to pay ". Over time, the term has also taken on the meaning of pecuniary benefit, cash for doing business.

Finance subdivides on the basis of subjects interested in international, public, corporate and personal finance. Another subdivision is based on the object and there is securities finance and ethical finance.
By finance science we mean the discipline that undertakes to study public financial activity understood as the set of resources, tools and actions that the state and public bodies adopt to satisfy public interests.

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Integrated finance: a Revolution by 2026

30 November 2022 - 11:27

Integrated finance: a Revolution by 2026

According to forecasts by Bain & Company, the value of integrated finance in America will reach 7,000 billion in 2026, 10% of total financial transactions