Rare lands

The term rare earth refers to 17 chemical elements of the periodic table from the atomic number 21 Scandrio 39 Yttrium and from 57 to 71 the lanthanides. The rare earths take their name from the minerals from which these elements were first isolated: uncommon oxides found in gadolinite extracted from a mine in Sweden. The rarity is due not so much to their availability as to their processing, which among other things has a profound environmental impact.

Rare earths have increased their value and demand as they play crucial roles in various production processes and in components of many technological devices such as magnets, catalysts, optical fibers, superconductors. They are also used to improve the properties of other materials such as tungsten.
The increase in demand is pushing towards a greater search for new territories in which to extract them, as well as towards the recycling and reuse of those previously processed and used.

50% of the rare earths are owned by China, while the largest world importer is the United States, from which 90% of the demand derives.

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Not just China: here’s where Europe can find Raw Materials

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15 Marzo 2023 - 10:28

Not just China: here's where Europe can find Raw Materials

Where to find critical raw materials for the green transition of the industry? Not only in China: Europe has the opportunity to create links with other countries where the most sought-after minerals are not lacking.