Social Network

The social networks are web platforms that can generally be used completely free of charge by registering with your personal data and logging in with username and password.

Social networks are available in desktop and app versions for mobile devices, and their purpose is to connect people through a network of contacts and share content.

Social networks were born in the late nineties and became very popular in the 2000s. Today the most popular and used social networks are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Google+ and LinkedIn.

There are no pre-established rules on how to use social networks, but in general attention should be paid to the information on privacy and the use of personal data. Social networks, however, all work more or less the same way: you create a user profile starting from basic information, up to your passions, hobbies, work experiences and friendships.

The aim is to create a circle of friends - a virtual network - with which to share states, phrases, images, videos and more. Most social networks also have a private chat.

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