Secret Santa: what is it? Here are 5 tech gifts ideas

27 November 2023 - 11:48

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Have you ever heard of the Secret Santa? This tradition is widespread at this time of the year. Let’s see how it works and 5 ideas for tech gifts.

Secret Santa: what is it? Here are 5 tech gifts ideas

What is Secret Santa? This cute little tradition emerges again every year as Christmas approaches and is becoming ever so widespread among European and North American households. Secret Santa is based on the idea of secretly sending each other Christmas gifts to a group of friends or family.

For example, a group of friends might decide to create a Secret Santa group this year. The way it works is that the participants write their names on a ticket, fold it, and place it into a bucket. After they’re mixed, each player draws one ticket and reads it without revealing the name. Now, each player will buy a Christmas present for the person they drew out of the bucket.

This group of friends will also set up a date (it doesn’t have to be precisely on Christmas) to open up all the presents. Only then will the player know who they received the gift from.

Over the years, Secret Santa has become increasingly more popular and is now one of the most followed Christmas traditions in the West. It’s not as popular as setting up a Christmas tree, but it’s getting up there. There are many sites and apps that arrange the Secret Santa group online, making it possible for people from different countries to play together.

So let’s now see 5 beautiful tech gifts for Secret Santa 2023.

Secret Santa: 5 tech gift ideas to amaze family and friends

Being a person’s Secret Santa may not be easy, which is why we’re bringing you 5 tech gift ideas to buy for the occasion. The products taken into consideration deliberately have a low price: it is not a question of giving away expensive and sumptuous objects, but rather of surprising and, if possible, entertaining. Here are some ideas.

1. Kbinter mini clock fan with real-time display

The Kbinter LED clock fan with real-time display is a cute little gadget for the office or the home desk. It can be very easily plugged into a computer with a USB connection and it will spin fast enough to show the current time. The fan blades are in soft PVC so users don’t get hurt, and it has an adjustable neck so it can be placed in any position.

2. Amazon Basics 500-watt personal mini heater
The weather is starting to get pretty cold. By the end of November, most households have already taken down the heavy blankets, and their winter gear, and started to crank up the heaters. However, there is always that spot in the house that remains freezing no matter how much insulation is placed. This small personal heater will solve this issue, and ensure a comfy home throughout the coldest periods of winter.

3. Cokoeye fast wireless charging pad

Increasingly more smartphones support wireless charging capabilities, even in the lower and middle price ranges. This set offers two pads for wireless charging, allowing users to set them up in different places. They are compatible with most high-end smartphones, including the latest iPhone and Samsung models. The Cokoeye wireless charging pad is also built with a non-slip design to avoid unpleasant falls and accidents.

4. Rocketbook reusable smart planner & notebook

A cool, useful, and environmentally friendly gift: the Rocketbook smart notebook uses digital technology to take notes without wasting paper. This product comes in with a pen, a cloth, and a phone application included, in order to never lose one’s notes. It can plan weekly agendas, calendars, ideas, projects, and so on. Even though it’s the most expensive product on this list, its cost is quite contained compared to all the things it offers.

5. Casely AirPods Pro case

Finally, here’s a cute little case for AirPods Pro made by Casely. This company specializes in tech gadgets and has many different designs for earplug cases. This design specifically is called “All Smiles” and it also comes for the regular AirPods. This gift is perfect for Apple geeks without having to pay too much for an Apple product. After all, the cheapest product sold by Apple is the Apple Tag, but it can come off as a cold and depersonalized gift.

Original article published on Italy 2022-12-11 10:00:00. Original title: Secret Santa: cos’è, 5 idee per regali tech


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