Top 10 best smartwatches in 2024

29 November 2023 - 17:00

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What are the best smartwatches to buy in 2024? We have selected 10 suitable products for all budgets.

Top 10 best smartwatches in 2024

2024 is approaching. If you are looking for a new smartwatch - for yourself or for a loved one - you will surely come across a wide range of products.

This could make your search very complex, which is why we have decided to compile a list of the 10 best smartwatches to buy in 2024 so that you can quickly find the option that best suits your needs.

The market today offers a lot: smartwatches of the highest level, such as the Apple ones, but also models from cheaper but no less valid brands. To recommend the best ones available, we will take into particular consideration the prices, which vary significantly from product to product, and the main functions.

1) Apple Watch Ultra 2

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 will be, at least until the release of a new model, the best smartwatch in 2024. Released this year in September and featuring WatchOS 10, this digital watch is currently the most advanced in Apple’s roster.

Ultra 2 was designed for those who love adventure and are not afraid to face it: they dive, race motorbikes or carry out other activities where the resistance of the person and their accessories is fundamental.

In addition to having a larger and brighter case than traditional models - i.e. 49 millimeters - this version is made of titanium, in order to better resist possible impacts and allow diving up to 100 meters underwater.

Given the use this device was designed for, the engineers also made sure that the battery was very resistant: 36 hours of battery life in standard mode and up to 72 hours with energy saving activated. Functions for monitoring parameters - heart rate, blood pressure, etc. are also available. - have been improved, so as to be even more reliable.

2) Apple Watch Series 9

Staying at Apple, another excellent smartwatch for 2024 will be the Apple Watch Series 9. Compared to the previous model there are some differences, starting from the price (about half) and the size of the case. Nonetheless, this is definitely one of the best digital watches currently available on the market.

In this model, the case is not made of titanium, but rather aluminum or recycled steel, materials that are still quite resistant. This is not a problem unless the person buying it does not practice risky activities such as extreme sports. In this case, the “Ultra” model is more suitable.

The Series 9 features a 41 or 45 millimeter case and a much brighter display than last year’s model. This makes it a great companion for everyday activities. The applications within it have also been improved: they are now able to provide details on the health of the wearer of the device in a more precise and timely manner, furthermore, it is also easier to grasp the information on the watch at a glance and customize it to your liking.

3) Apple Watch SE (2nd generation)

Apple also presents a solution under 300 dollars, suitable for those who want to purchase a product from them without spending very high amounts. This is the second generation of the Apple Watch SE.

Of course, being cheaper, this smartwatch has limitations compared to more expensive ones, it is however understood that this is still one of the best you can buy in 2024 in this price range.

It is available in two sizes: 40 and 44 millimeters. The expected battery life with a full charge is 18 hours, which can be slightly extended using the energy saving function.

The brightness of the display is also lower than the two models already mentioned: 1,000 nits for SE, 2,000 nits for Series 9, and 3,000 nits for Ultra 2. The processor that powers the operation of this device is also not top of the range (SiP9), reserved for the highest performing models, but the SiP S8, released last year. Finally, it does not have the "Double tap" function, which is present in the others.

If these differences don’t matter to you, then this is probably the smartwatch for you.

4) Google Pixel Watch 2

We leave Apple to focus on another equally valid brand: Google, which this year released Pixel Watch 2, a smartwatch with a diameter of 41 millimeters. This watch has a round dial, therefore different from Apple ones, and the WearOS 4 operating system, which makes it compatible only with smartphones with Android (from version 9.0 onwards) and not with those with iOS.

Pixel Watch 2 falls into a medium-high price range, therefore not suitable for all needs. Those who choose it purchase a product of great quality: excellent for monitoring heart rate and other vital parameters thanks to innovative artificial intelligence systems, it also allows you to promptly contact emergency services in the event of falls or dangers of any kind.

The battery also has excellent life: with a full charge, the Pixel Watch 2 can be used for up to 24 hours. In short, this smartwatch has all the features to be one of the best in 2024, at least as far as Google and the Android universe are concerned.

5) Samsung Galaxy Watch6

Galaxy Watch6 is the latest smartwatch model launched by Samsung this year. Like the one launched by Google, this one also features the WearOS operating system, a round shape, and a very generous display: in this case a good 47 millimeters. Furthermore, regarding the price, Samsung also chooses to position itself in a mid-range, significantly lowering the bar compared to Apple.

From a features point of view, this smartwatch proves to be quite in line with the others in this range: many of the main functions present on the other models can also be found here (monitoring of vital parameters, the possibility of customizing the display, etc.).

It can then be purchased with LTE or Bluetooth connectivity depending on your financial availability. What makes it different from the others is a very singular aspect: owners of Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5 can use it as a real camera, simply by connecting it to the smartphone. For those who already own one of the aforementioned devices, this is undoubtedly the best smartwatch to buy in 2024.

6) Samsung Galaxy Watch5

Although not as new as the aforementioned model, Galaxy Watch5 still remains an excellent smartwatch capable of having its say even in 2024.

This model was released in 2022, however, it shares many of its functions with the most current version: monitoring of vital signs, wide possibility of customizing the display, etc. In the Galaxy6 the display is larger since that of this model is "only" 40 millimeters, furthermore, the operating system (both have WearOS) has been improved from many points of view.

The battery in this case is also slightly less powerful: on this device it is 410 Mah, while in the Galaxy6 it is 425 Mah, the difference however is quite negligible, especially considering the fact that both have fast charging. What makes this smartwatch particularly inviting is the price, significantly lower than the superior model, and the fact that it still provides excellent performance.

7) Fitbit Sense 2

If you are looking for a quality smartwatch but don’t want to focus on the big traditional brands, a good option is Fitbit. This brand has produced Sense 2, an economical (under 250 euros), versatile (compatible with both iOS and Android), and aesthetically pleasing digital watch.

It is equipped with a battery that allows you to use it for a long time without having to recharge it. Then when the time comes you can take advantage of fast charging, so you can use it again quickly. It offers the possibility of monitoring vital parameters (sleep quality, blood pressure, etc.) and can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Naturally, once connected, as with other smartwatches, it allows you to make phone calls without the need to remove the smartphone from your pocket.

8) Fitbit Versa 4

Versa 4 is another of the smartwatch models produced by Fitbit. This one has an even lower price when compared to the previous one, however, with the drop in cost to purchase, there is also a decrease in the number of features available. This, for example, does not allow measuring heart rate, body temperature, and stress. The display is also slightly smaller (1.58 inches).

Aside from that, many of the features present in the previous model (fast charging, sleep monitoring, ability to pay with NFC, etc.) are still present. Furthermore, the versatility, which is one of the biggest advantages for those who buy a Fitbit, remains. This smartwatch, in fact, can be used with both iOS and Android devices.

9) Huawei Watch Fit SE

This smartwatch differs slightly from those presented so far, both for the company that produces it, the Chinese Huawei, and for the shape of its display, which is rectangular. Small and light, this Huawei is perfect for those who play sports but still want a reliable and technological product on their wrist. It can be connected to both Apple and Android smartphones, so there is no connectivity problem. Furthermore, the price is particularly interesting, since it costs less than 100 euros.

Of course, given the cost, it is not possible to expect who knows what performance, however, it remains perfect (even in 2024) for athletes who need a tool that helps them track their progress.

Among the functions inside it is possible to find both the monitoring of vital functions and the possibility of calling and sending messages without using the smartphone.

10) Huawei Watch 4 Pro

To conclude, here’s another high-end smartwatch, this time a little more unusual. It is Huawei Watch 4 Pro, a completely steel watch equipped with many smart functions. It is not sold alone, in fact, upon purchase, you also receive a pair of very comfortable Huawei Bluetooth earphones.

The display is curved and 3D and is made of sapphire glass, so it is resistant to scratches. Inside the watch, then, it is possible to insert an eSim, so as to be able to make calls even without the use of a smartphone.

Furthermore, with this smartwatch, it is possible to keep an eye on numerous parameters, such as heart rate, SpO2 level, breathing, stress levels, skin temperature, etc. The battery can last under stress up to 40 hours, while if used moderately, it can last even two weeks.

The only "flaw", if you can call it that, of this elegant watch is the cost: just under 700 euros. A figure that is justified through performance, but still not within everyone’s reach.

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