Top 12 best crypto exchanges in 2024

Lorenzo Bagnato

22 January 2024 - 15:00

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In this article, we’ll explore the 12 best cryptocurrency exchanges in 2024, looking at every need and experience level.

Top 12 best crypto exchanges in 2024

What are the best cryptocurrency exchanges? In this article, we’ll take a look at the 12 top apps for crypto investors in 2024. From Coinbase to Binance, we’ll analyze the best choice for any level of preparation, from beginner to expert.

After the recent approval by the SEC of 11 Bitcoin ETFs, the crypto sector has changed dramatically. Now, it’s possible to buy Bitcoin ETFs even on regular trading platforms.

However, some investors might prefer to stick with the original, buying Bitcoins directly or choosing a different cryptocurrency to invest in.

So let’s look at the 12 best cryptocurrency exchanges in 2024.

How to choose a crypto exchange

Cryptocurrencies are not like a traditional trading asset. The original selling point of cryptocurrencies was its completely decentralized nature, with no regulatory body that could interfere with transactions.

Over time, however, cryptocurrencies became extremely popular and started acquiring the nature of any other financial asset, albeit still extremely volatile.

Indeed, volatility is probably the most important aspect of cryptocurrencies, something new investors need to keep in mind before getting into them. As we will see, some crypto exchanges like Gemini try to take measures to ensure the safety of customers.

On the other hand, more experienced investors might prefer a crypto exchange with little to no rules, which gives a large choice of assets available. Their experience could shield them from scams and other financial risks.

Finally, casual investors might prefer a platform that exchanges cryptocurrencies and other financial assets as well. Having crypto in a portfolio together with “traditional” securities like stocks and ETFs might be part of a successful trading strategy.

With this in mind, let’s delve deep into the 12 best cryptocurrency exchange platforms currently available.

1. Coinbase

Originally based in San Francisco, Coinbase is widely considered the best cryptocurrency exchange on the market, as of January 2024. Coinbase is a very good choice for beginners, with its intuitive application and custodial wallets, meaning Coinbase itself stores the private keys of users’ portfolios.

Coinbase can also be a good choice for advanced investors, as it offers several options for experienced users, including non-custodial wallets.

Over 200 cryptocurrencies are traded on Coinbase, with a minimum deposit of $1 and transaction fees ranging between 0-0.60%.

2. Kraken

Another crypto exchange born in San Francisco, Kraken is still based there (unlike Coinbase). Kraken is considered the best choice for advanced crypto traders: its Pro subscription level gives access to many different tools and indicators, with up to 13 order types.

Kraken was one of the first crypto exchanges to go online and has maintained a reputation as one of the most important players in the sector.

On Kraken, users can trade over 200 cryptocurrencies, with a minimum deposit of $1 and transaction fees between 0-0.26%.


Together with Coinbase and Binance, is probably the most famous crypto exchange app on the market. And for good reason: allows users a wide range of trading cryptocurrencies and has extremely low fees.

Furthermore, has one of the best-performing apps for crypto trading. Unlike other exchanges, this company put a lot of effort into building its proprietary application. has over 250 cryptocurrencies available for trade, with a minimum deposit of $1 and very low fees between 0-0.075%.

4. Gemini

Gemini is a New York-based cryptocurrency exchange that built customer trust in the safety of its application. Gemini uses two-factor authentication for trading and allows third-party auditors to verify the safety of its exchange.

For this reason, Gemini is considered the safest cryptocurrency exchange app. This could appeal to users who fear a crypto scam similar to FTX and its collapse.

The increased safety, however, comes at the expense of traded assets. On Gemini, users can trade a bit over 80 cryptocurrencies, with a 1.49% transaction fee for regular traders (reduced to 0-0.40% for active traders).

5. BitMart

For crypto traders who aren’t interested in “traditional” assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum, BitMart might be the right choice. BitMart is one of the largest crypto exchanges on the market, with several hundred altcoins available for trade.

BitMart is based on Cayman Island, which is indicative of its large freedom when it comes to crypto trading. Unfortunately, it also allows for some shady operations that, sometimes, go against the interest of customers. Indeed, BitMart received some negative backlash related, for example, to account withdrawal.

With over 1,500 cryptocurrencies available for trade, BitMart also requires a $50 minimum deposit and charges 0.008-0.40% in transaction fees.

6. Binance

Binance is the most popular crypto exchange in the world but has received a lot of negative backlash from regulators in recent months. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is currently investigating Binance’s operations, starting a legal battle that is still ongoing.

For this reason, while Binance itself is a very good and performing crypto exchange, it was forced to reach some compromises. For example, Binance does not allow cash exchanges on its platform, which is unfortunate for new users who want to tackle the crypto world.

Nevertheless, it remains a valuable choice for experienced investors, with over 350 cryptocurrencies available, no minimum deposit, and a 0-0.60% transaction fee.

7. Robinhood

Robinhood is a trading platform that featured in our ranking of best trading apps. Indeed, Robinhood is not just a crypto exchange app but also allows investors to buy other financial assets.

For this reason, Robinhood might be a good choice for investors who want cryptocurrencies as part of their portfolios but don’t want to fully commit to them. Robinhood also proud itself on being a zero-transaction platform.

For its nature of “casual” crypto exchange, Robinhood offers only 25 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. It also has no minimum deposit required to work.

8. Cash App

For novice investors, Cash App is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use crypto exchanges on the market. On Cash App, users can only trade Bitcoin, but supports the lighting network (a more efficient way to trade Bitcoins) and custodial wallets.

Cash App was founded by the former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who is also the current CEO. With Cash App, users can withdraw Bitcoins even from third-party apps, something not possible with other exchange platforms.

The minimum deposit for Cash App is $1 and has sizeable transaction fees at 0.75-3%.

9. eToro

Once again, eToro is a trading platform for most financial assets, not only cryptocurrencies. Users might be attracted by eToro’s signature trait of copying the financial moves of experienced traders (the so-called copy trading).

The mobile application of eToro is also one of the best on the market, which made it one of the most popular trading platforms in the world.

eToro offers more cryptocurrencies than Robinhood, with 80 available for customers. It charges a 1% fee and has no minimum deposit required.

10. Bisq

Bisq was one of the first open-source cryptocurrency exchanges ever launched. It’s headquartered in Barcelona and has a completely decentralized approach to crypto trading. Indeed, the concept of cryptocurrencies was born as a way of trading without the interference of central banks. Bisq follows this philosophy and brings it to the next level.

The decentralized nature of Bisq means that traders don’t have to register using their personal information, unlike other crypto exchanges on this list. For crypto investors who love their privacy, Bisq is probably the best option for them.

Over 120 cryptocurrencies are available for trade on Bisq, which charges between 0.015-1.75% as a transaction fee. The minimum deposit needed is not publicly disclosed.

11. Fidelity Crypto

Fidelity is once again a general trading platform with a subsection reserved for crypto exchange. Fidelity Crypto has one of the best customer support of any other crypto exchange, aiding novice investors in their journey to excellence.

As a broker, Fidelity is one of the most established in the United States and the world. It is, therefore, a much safer option than other crypto exchanges on this list.

Unfortunately, Fidelity offers only 2 cryptocurrencies on its platform: Bitcoin and Ethereum. It has a 1% transaction fee and no minimum deposit.

12. Interactive Brokers Crypto

Finally, another safe online broker with a crypto subsection. Interactive Brokers is considered one of the best trading platforms in general, with thousands of professional investors using it on a daily basis.

Like Fidelity, Interactive Brokers has strong customer support and has no crypto withdrawal fees. Furthermore, it has a slightly bigger crypto offer than other brokers.

Interactive Brokers Crypto has 4 cryptocurrencies available: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It charges a 1% transaction fee (and, as we said, no withdrawal fee) and does not require a minimum deposit.

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