Top business podcasts in 2024: the nuts and bolts

James Hydzik


04/04/2024 - 12:48

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Podcasts are increasingly popular after coming to general attention during the COVID pandemic. They are known for high quality content, especially at the level we are looking at here!

Top business podcasts in 2024: the nuts and bolts

Podcasts are more popular than ever. Statista forecasts that over 100 million listeners will tune in to a podcast in 2024. As of early 2023, almost half of the U.S. population had listened to a podcast in the thirty days prior to being polled. It’s a huge market, and so there are a lot of business-focused podcasts out there. The largest audience for podcasts is under 34 years old, though there are significant numbers of listeners who are older, and the variety of podcasts caters to every taste.
Business nuts-and-bolts, entrepreneurship and mentalityare three of the largest themes under the business podcast umbrella. In this series, we’ll look at top podcasts for business in 2024 for each of these niches. Let’s start with the nuts-and-bolts!

Top Business Podcasts in 2024

10 Minute MBA
The 10 Minute MBA, Host Scott D. Clary gives out concise, actionable business lessons on a daily basis. Clary focuses on the insights, strategy and tactics that will foster business growth and that can be applied right away. The podcast looks at everything from marketing through to sales. Expect him to get to the point; he’s well known for it!

The $100 MBA
Omar Zenhom’s the “$100 MBA Show” is very popular, as in ‘over 200 million downloads popular’, and for a good reason. This podcast aims to give practical, actionable lessons that can be used by entrepreneurs and business owners. The podcasts cover topics as varied as HR do’s-and-don’ts to the latest gear for creating video content. Zenhom’s shows are full of insights into taking a business from the back of the envelope through its early days and then scaling it.

Masters of Scale
Reid Hoffman launched “Masters of Scale” in 2017, after co-founding LinkedIn and being a partner at Greylock. As the title suggests, the podcast examines how to take a business from its early days onward and tests theories of scaling. The podcast is part of Hoffman’s multi-faceted look into business, including a best selling book, events, an app, and more.

StartUp Podcast
Finding your path through the journey of launching and running a startup is the topic of a lot of podcasts, and the “Startup Podcast” is among the best of them. Hosts Chris Saad and Yaniv Bernstein focus on startups in the style of Silicon Valley, as it’s been a center of innovation for decades. With a distinct tech-focus on their minds, Saad and Bernstein give tightly packed lessons on startup topics as well as look at the latest tech and trends.

UpFlip Podcast
The Startup Podcast gives great insights into a specific type of startup – the Silicon Valley tech startup. There are many ‘kinds’ of startup, though, and UpFlip looks into them to see what the journey is like for people everywhere and outside of tech as well. From real estate to trucking and beyond, UpFlip shows what it took to get there.

My First Million
Sam Parr and Shaan Puri host My First Million to explore how founders got to one million of some marker – income, or followers, or sales, or users – whatever the goal. It’s a clever way to mold a podcast! Parr and Puri make sure the tone stays light, and the result is a tie-loosened look at what it takes to reach a very well-framed goal.


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