"Farmer Bill": Gates remains the largest Farmland Owner in the US


3 February 2023 - 08:00

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Bill Gates has decided to expand his sphere of influence to agriculture and, to protect himself from possible criticism, he has been devising for decades an infallible method, "philanthrocapitalism".

"Farmer Bill": Gates remains the largest Farmland Owner in the US

In our time, some of the most famous entrepreneurs have earned billions with unscrupulous business strategies and outright financial speculation, which have ended up increasing financial instability, eroding workers’ rights and consolidating economic inequalities already existing globally.

The influence of a small number of tycoons, redefined and exalted by the mass media as "philanthropists", for their action in the field of "charity", is investing every sector, from education to health, from social policies to agriculture.

And it is precisely in the field of agriculture that, for some years now, Bill Gates has decided to extend its sphere of action, becoming America’s largest private farmland owner. It was the same last year and the one before: with 242,000 acres spread across 19 states, he had grabbed the record-breaking title of "landowner". The growth of Farmer Bill does not seem to stop even in 2023. As reported by various media, it is the 2022 edition of the Land Report, an annual survey of the major landowners in the country.

The reason for such great interest in agricultural land is not for us to know, the person concerned did not want to share his plans with the rest of the world. To protect himself from possible criticism and media attacks, he has been devising for decades an infallible method, shared by many billionaires of his caliber, such as Jeff Bezos or George Soros.

A small class of technocrats, to which Gates belongs, has in fact carved out a new image for himself, at the limits of holiness, thanks to the "philosophy of the gift", in the health sector or in the fight against poverty. Philanthropy - certainly not donations that take place anonymously and without double ends - can be understood as a strategy aimed at guaranteeing the powerful an aura of apparent extraneousness to power games. Indeed, we can speak of "philanthrocapitalism".

As Linsey McGoey explains in Nothing but Philanthropists, we are faced with a ploy carried out by the elites to pursue and legitimize their material objectives, paving the way for policies to protect its economic interests and expand them also beyond national borders. Through their foundations, the protagonists of contemporary philanthropy have begun to exercise an increasingly decisive influence on the agenda of the United Nations and the WHO, obtaining benefits and carving out a real hegemony over them, becoming more influential than the governments themselves and reaching the point of dictating social, economic and health policies.

However, the figure of the modern philanthropist does not offer a concrete solution to the fight against poverty and social injustice, on the contrary, beyond his feel-good and politically correct frame, if anything he embodies the cause, if anything, representing the degeneration of that global system based on the accumulation of resources.

However, the idea that philanthrocapitalism intends to spread in public opinion is that well-being can only be bestowed from above, by the so-called "masters of the world", and that they must be listened to, followed and idolized as the new gods of the techno-financial Olympus.

These new deities now dream of being able to reset the old order to establish a new post-human era based on technology, automation, artificial intelligence, radical neo-environmentalism and the sharing economy. Also passing through the food industry, with synthetic meat, GMOs and insects.

Thanks to its foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has extended its range of action from health education to programs against hunger in Africa. However, the billionaire adopts the same monopolistic approach exercised with Microsoft: thanks to his foundation, he has begun to create public-private partnerships. Indeed, Bill Gates displays a technocratic mind in three different key areas: education, vaccines, and population and data control.

Behind the veneer of doing good, every single initiative of his aims at the implementation of technocracy on a global scale.
Passing, now, also for agricultural land.

Original article published on Money.it Italy 2023-02-03 08:00:00. Original title: "Farmer Bill": Gates si conferma il maggior proprietario di terreni agricoli negli USA

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