Top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2024

21 December 2023 - 17:00

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What are the cryptocurrencies with the highest potential for 2024? Here is the list of 10 cryptocurrencies to consider investing in next year.

Top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2024

Which cryptocurrencies to invest in 2024? In light of the ranking of the best cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, what are the most promising tokens for next year?

Let’s analyze the tokens with the best performance in recent weeks and the factors that will impact the sector in the coming months to identify the top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2024.

How to choose the best cryptocurrency to invest in

The sector is highly volatile and making predictions about cryptocurrencies is very complex.

However, there are several elements to support the thesis that prices will continue to rise in 2024. The coming year will bring with it change and stability, also thanks to the now imminent introduction of a spot ETF on Bitcoin and the prospect of a reduction in interest rates by the US central bank, the Federal Reserve.

Added to this context is an ever-increasing use of blockchain.
Here is an analysis of the top 10 cryptocurrencies with the highest potential in 2024.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin, the number one cryptocurrency in the world, as well as the best known, remains at the top of the ranking of the most interesting cryptocurrencies of 2024. With a limited maximum supply of 21 million tokens, its scarcity, and its being seen as a store of value they continue to attract investors seeking stability, protected from the fluctuations of traditional markets.

2. Ethereum (ETH)

We are talking about the main smart contract platform in the world. With Ethereum 2.0, a significant update occurred on the Ethereum network, which moved from a proof-of-stake (PoS) model to a proof-of-work (PoW).

This transition aims to improve scalability and energy efficiency, making ETH an attractive investment for 2024 as well.

3. Binance Coin (BNB)

A native token of the Binance exchange, Binance Coin has been experiencing constant growth for some time now. The usefulness of this crypto goes far beyond the facilitated payment of trading commissions. The integration of BNB into several decentralized applications and the Binance Smart Chain are factors pointing to further expansion in 2024.

4. Cardan (ADA)

In the crypto landscape, Cardano stands out for its focus on scalability, sustainability, and interoperability. Development is continuous, such as the emergence of new partnerships and new initiatives in the space of decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFTs. ADA therefore confirms itself as a cryptocurrency to consider betting on over the next year.

5. Solana (G)

The widespread use of Solana and its low transaction costs have kept this cryptocurrency in the spotlight for a long time.
The support it manages to provide within the ecosystem of decentralized applications and NFTs, together with strategic partnerships, places SOL among the cryptocurrencies with the highest potential for 2024.

6. Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is also among the cryptocurrencies with the highest potential for 2024. Its focus on simplifying and streamlining cross-border payments has attracted the attention of financial institutions. As the regulatory framework becomes clearer, the possibility of XRP being used within traditional finance will strengthen. This is a factor that could significantly favor its growth.

7. Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche, with its subnetworks and customized blockchain solutions, is gaining ground in the crypto world, so much so that it entered the ranking of the 10 highest capitalized cryptocurrencies in December. Its compatibility with Ethereum assets and the focus on decentralized finance could contribute to its excellent performance.

8. Polkadot (DOT)

The main feature that makes Polkadot one of the cryptocurrencies to watch in 2024 lies in its innovative approach to interoperability and its ability to connect different blockchains.
With its parachain ecosystem constantly growing, DOT’s ability to simplify cross-chain communication could help its rise over the next year.

9. Tezos (XTZ)

Tezos, known for its on-chain governance and self-modification capabilities, offers a platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications. Its associated digital token is Tez (XTZ), also known as teczie.
Unlike other blockchains, Tezos excludes hard forks with a blockchain-based governance mechanism that adopts and implements protocol updates chosen through a vote proportional to users’ economic stake in Tezos.

Tezos was created by Arthur Breitman, of French origins and former Google X and Waymo engineer.

Tezos technology was used in a recent experiment conducted by European central banks to explore the feasibility of launching the digital euro, an ECB digital currency under study.

The Chainlink network plays a crucial role in connecting smart contracts with real-world data. Since LINK provides secure and reliable data feeds, the expansion of DeFi and NFT projects would appear to ensure the cryptocurrency has an attractive growth path for 2024.

Chainlink’s platform allows non-blockchain entities to securely connect with blockchain platforms. It is a middleware that connects blockchain-based smart contracts with data coming from outside, such as stock prices. The Chainlink blockchain is hosted on the Ethereum platform, which uses the proof-of-stake operating protocol. Additionally, Chainlink is an open-source blockchain project, meaning anyone can view the project’s code and contribute.

Among the most promising cryptocurrencies for 2024 just listed, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, BNB, and Chainlink can be purchased on the Cryptosmart exchange.

The information and considerations in this article should not be used as the sole or primary basis for making investment decisions. The reader retains full freedom in his own investment choices and full responsibility in making them, since he alone knows his risk propensity and his time horizon. The information contained in the article is provided for informational purposes only and its disclosure does not constitute and should not be considered an offer or solicitation to public savings.

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