Which Heating System is more convenient? Pros and cons of possible solutions


4 November 2022 - 12:21

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Which heating system is most suitable for your home? Here are some systems compared.

Which Heating System is more convenient? Pros and cons of possible solutions

Every home is different and needs a specific heating system. But what is the cheapest heating system? There are several pros and cons in each solution chosen, from the cost of the investment, to maintenance, to the cost of the raw material. In this article, we’ll compare five heating systems with pros and cons, ranging from the cost in the bill to the issue of environmental pollution.

Among the different heating systems considered for their convenience there are heat pump systems, solar thermal systems, but also the hybrid boiler or a gas boiler but with the specification of an efficient system such as condensation or biomass. These are all systems that can be more or less convenient depending on the home, from the number of rooms, to daily use. There is a European project called HARP which allows you to find out about the most suitable heating system for your home and also allows you to understand how and how much to save. This system allows you to simulate different conditions and can help you consider the best solution for your needs. In fact, it takes into account the insulation of the house, the price of raw materials, but also the geographical area and the climatic zone that belongs to it.

We are facing a difficult winter from the point of view of the energy crisis, with skyrocketing raw material prices, and it is increasingly evident how necessary it is to approach economic solutions, but also alternatives.

How to choose the most convenient heating system?

How to choose the best heating system for your home? Apart from the already mentioned European HARP project, some factors can be taken into consideration.

Among these are:

  • the climate of the area (geographical factor)
  • need for use (time factor)
  • energy source
  • type of house

There is no specific heating system that is better than others, but only the most convenient one according to everyone’s needs.

Gas condensing or biomass boiler: pros and cons of boilers

The most common system throughout Europe is the gas boiler. A condensing gas boiler represents an improvement over the traditional gas boiler, with lower cost in the bill and lower gas consumption. The pros of a gas condensing boiler are, for example, being able to easily combine with the solar thermal system, it is easily installed and repaired and there are various government incentives to purchase it in a subsidized manner.

The biomass boiler has spread in recent years because it does not have a fixed management cost and can be used occasionally or as a supplement to the main heating. Among the pro there are use in a combined way with renewable resources, but the cons are many more. Let’s take stock of the situation below.

The disadvantages of the biomass and gas condensing boiler:

  • Requires a suitable flue system, to which its installation is subordinate (gas condensing boiler);
  • It needs space both for installation and for storing wood/pellets/logs to burn (biomass boiler);
  • Requires regular maintenance (biomass boiler);
  • Emits particles and particulates that can cause air pollution (biomass boiler).

Is there an alternative? There is a hybrid boiler, ie gas condensing, but supported by a heat pump. This reduces energy consumption and increases efficiency. The purchase is facilitated thanks to state bonuses and is especially suitable for a poorly insulated house. As disadvantages, however, the hybrid boiler needs an outdoor space, so it is more suitable for those who have their own garden, because it is noisy.

Heat pump or solar thermal system: pros and cons

Finally we compare the heat pump system and the solar thermal system. The heat pump system is one of the systems that allows you to save more, it also improves air quality and increases the value of the property. The problem is that it is not ideal if the house is poorly insulated and is not suitable for geographic areas with lower temperatures.

The solar thermal system on the other hand has low maintenance costs and allows you to exploit solar energy, which is free. A solar thermal system is an average investment for a family, lower than that of the photovoltaic panel, and you can also take advantage of various state incentives. On the other hand, there are the weather conditions, because exposure to the sun is necessary and above all the need for another heating system.

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Original title: Quale sistema di riscaldamento conviene? Pro e contro delle possibili soluzioni

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