After the Soviet era, Russia experienced a slight recovery in the late 1990s which ended at the end of the decade with the depreciation of the ruble and the default of public debt. This was followed by a recession, a deterioration in the standard of living and an intense flight of capital abroad.

For many observers, the main problem of the Russian economy is that of the banking sector, controlled by "oligarchs", businessmen linked to political power, who often use depositors’ money to support their companies.

Official Name: Russian Federation
Form of government: Federal Presidential Republic
President: Vladimir Putin
Prime Minister: Dimitry Medvedev
Currency: Russian Ruble (RUB)

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Oil: the Russia-India Axis is getting Stronger Newsroom

27 Gennaio 2023 - 10:06

Oil: the Russia-India Axis is getting Stronger

As the price of oil rises thanks to the reopening of China, the Russia-India axis strengthens. Moscow can thus partially replace European buyers. How do energy balances change?